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Nonwoven Paper

Nonwoven Paper

Breezy Fiber's non woven fabric paper, made of pure natural cellulose and synthetic fiber, is eco-friendly for wallpaper base and interior wall liner applications.

Non woven fabric paper has good breathability, superior printability, stability, and durability. Nonwoven paper is widely used in the screen, gravure, flexo, digital printing wallpaper, paintable, and embossing wallpaper.

Nonwoven paper's printability offers wallpaper color performance. Reliable fiber provides high stability and a textile-like touch to the wallpaper process. Breezy Fiber offers a variety of nonwoven papers for wallpaper factories and decoration material distributors, customizable according to your needs. If you want to know non woven paper price and nonwoven fabric costs or bulk buying non woven fabric, Please do not hesitate to contact the Breezy fiber based materials manufacturer.

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Types of Non Woven Fabric Paper

Wallpaper Base

Create stunning interiors with Breezy Fiber's Wallpaper Base. Made from renewable cellulose fibers, it provides a durable and eco-friendly foundation for your decorative wallpapers, adding style and sustainability to your space.

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Wall Liner

Wall Liner

Enhance walls with Breezy Fiber's Wall Liner. Crafted from renewable cellulose fibers, it smooths surfaces, covers imperfections, and improves insulation. Elevate aesthetics and energy efficiency in one sustainable choice.

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What Are The Advantages Of Nonwoven Paper Material?

  • Enhanced Durability: Nonwoven paper is known for its exceptional strength and tear resistance, making it an excellent base material for wallpapers and decorative items. This durability ensures that products can withstand the rigors of installation and long-term use, providing value to both manufacturers and their commercial clients.

  • Superior Printability: The surface of nonwoven paper allows for high-quality printing, enabling vivid colors and intricate designs. This is crucial for wallpaper factories that aim to produce aesthetically appealing products that meet the diverse preferences of the decoration market.

  • Environmental Sustainability: Many nonwoven fabrics are made from recyclable materials and can be engineered to be biodegradable. This eco-friendly aspect appeals to decoration material dealers and their clients who prioritize sustainability. Using non woven fabric paper helps companies reduce their environmental footprint and meet the growing demand for green products.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Despite nonwoven paper's high quality and performance, non woven fabric paper is cost-effective to produce. Its efficient manufacturing process results in a high yield, reducing waste and saving costs. This efficiency allows wallpaper factories and decoration material dealers to offer competitive pricing while maintaining high product standards.

How Is Non Woven Fabric Paper Different From Regular Paper?

Non woven fabric paper is significantly different from regular paper in terms of its manufacturing process and properties. Regular paper is typically made from cellulose fibers that are produced through a pulp-based process and are then pressed and dried into a continuous sheet. Nonwoven fabric paper, on the other hand, is made by bonding fibers together without weaving or knitting. This process creates a fabric-like material with a unique structure. Additionally, nonwoven paper material is usually more lightweight, and durable, and has enhanced properties such as breathability, water resistance, and softness compared to regular paper. Non woven fabric paper is also more versatile and can be customized for specific applications.

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FAQs of Breezy Fiber Nonwoven Paper

What is Breezy Fiber Non Woven Fabric Paper?

Breezy Fiber nonwoven paper is an eco-friendly and sustainable material made from renewable cellulose fibers. Nonwoven paper serves as a versatile base for wallpapers and wall liners, combining strength and environmental consciousness.

How is Non Woven Fabric Paper Material Eco-friendly?

Our nonwoven paper is derived from renewable plant-based sources, reducing reliance on non-renewable materials. Non woven fabric paper material's biodegradability ensures minimal environmental impact and aligns with sustainable practices.

What applications is Non Woven Fabric Paper Material suitable for?

Breezy Fiber's nonwoven paper is ideal for use as a base for decorative wallpapers, providing a sturdy foundation. Additionally, non woven fabric paper material serves as a wall liner, enhancing insulation and concealing wall imperfections in an environmentally conscious manner.

Is Non Woven Fabric Paper easy to work with?

Yes, Breezy Fiber Non Woven Fabric Paper is designed for easy installation. Nonwoven paper's lightweight yet strong composition makes it manageable during application, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

How does Nonwoven Paper Material contribute to interior sustainability?

By using Breezy Fiber Nonwoven Paper Material, you're choosing a sustainable alternative for interior design. Non Woven Fabric Paper Material's renewable origin and biodegradability contribute to reduced environmental impact, aligning to create greener, more sustainable living spaces.

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Request to the Professional Fiber Materials Supplier for More Details

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